Nineteen Eighty Four, the album that transformed Van Halen from just another hair band from the LA Scene that just happened to have a ridiculously awesome guitarist into a hair band from the LA Scene that just happened to have the greatest frontman in the history of Hair Metal. Sadly the two egos would not be twained for long, and the biggest break up in hair metal history would soon come to pass.

       1984 firmly entrenched Van Halen into the video music era with videos that will long be remembered as better than the songs that they represent. Don't get me wrong, 1984 has some rockin tunes, but Eddie's brand of guitar has little to do with its greatness. As this is the only Van Halen album in my collection, I will take it upon myself to give you the rundown on the oft debated band.

        One day while sitting at the bar, a Van Halen tune came on the stereo, and Turner asked me what I thought of the great Van Halen vs Van Hagar debate. The end all be all answer to the question of Roth vs Hagar is answered by 1984. I believe my argument began like this "David Lee Roth is the best frontman in the history of hair metal, and Van Halen was definately better off with him. While the music during the Hagar years was a lot more mature and better in terms of quality, you still can't pick Eddie over Dave. Van Halen's best songs are the ones where Eddie plays keys like I'll Wait, Jump and Right Now. In fact, Eddies best guitar solo isn't even on a Van Halen song-- its on Beat It.

       That is my argument, 1984 is the proof. Sadly, Eddie and Dave parted ways, Dave rocked out with Sheenan and Vai with Eat 'Em & Smile (which of course includes the partyfest Yankee Rose) and Van Hagar plodded along with 5150 (with the much more adult Why Can't This Be Love)