Fresh off the Success of the Cereal Killer Soundtrack, Green Jell˙ was offered the contract to supply a song for the biggest hyped comic book based video game for the Sega Genesis Maximum Carnage. So they decided to release an album to go along with it. While the first album focused solely on making fun of metal, 333 goes further, extending Jell˙'s reach to grunge, alternative, and even 80s party music.

       Piņata Hed points out how stupid Pearl Jam was, though instead of being troubled with thoughts of how to improve the world and what was wrong with society, the only thing in the Piņata Hed's head is candy... proving that as long as you have the look and write "dumb grunge metal hits" you can still have legions of moshing fans. While Billy Corgan was worrying about how horrible life was, Jelly was ready to point out that kids jump, too. Kids just have fun with it. Jell˙ just doesn't deal with the lame aspects of 90s music, though as even mighty Pantera is spoofed with Orange Krunch, while Fight channels early Rage Against the Machine

        Perhaps the greatest moment on the CD is the send up of rock and roll itself, Anthem. In an almost Spinal Tap fashion, every rock cliche is brought out, and worked into a song. In fact talking about it cant do it justice, so go get a hold of it and listen to it..