Now when you think of a musical act from Nashville, whats the first thing that comes to your head? Exactly: ambient electo post rock. I first heard Paper Route when they played as an opener for Innerpartysystem on a snowy January evening at Diesel. It seemed like they played for about fifteen minutes, which was tragic, as their sound cannot be comprehended in such a short time in need of something like a full length album. Thankfully, a few scant months after that Diesel show, they did indeed release a full length album.

        Absence hits you right off the bat with PR's signature sound, a lot of background rhythms, coupled with slow moving vocal melodies that mix into haunting greatness. And, PR isnt just emo wailing either, tracks like Carousel and Last Time show they can rock too, even if the lyrics are pretty emo.

        I like to think of Paper Route as being one of the few Progressive Emo bands out there, a genre created single handedly by Kevin Moore almost a decade and a half ago when he wrote Space-dye Vest. They are just a bunch of hopeless romantics singing about fleeting love, but they do so in a way that is uniquely their own.