A Change of Seasons

        While Dream Theater was coping with the loss of KevMo, they decided to put out an EP consisting of a song that was too long to make Images and Words, and a bunch of covers from a live show. Incidentally, it's because of the cover of Perfect Strangers that I first heard of Dream Theater, albiet because I was searching for lyircs and back in circa 1998, there were no lyric megasites on the internet. However I didn't get into Dream Theater until half a decade later...but I digress.

        The covers arent all that special, I mean, Funeral For a Friend is OK, but the others, I'd rather just listen to the originals. I still don't know if James sings the wrong lyrics on Perfect Strangers as a deliberate nod to Ian Gillan (who could never remember lyrics) or if he just didn't know the right ones. ha.

        The title track, however, is still the greatest song that Dream Theater has ever done. They have never come close to repeating such an awesome epic song with no filler. I mean the first time you think, hey this song is a little long, its already 16 minutes in. I can only imagine how much better it would be with the snare trigger from Images and Words.