As a follow up to the full bombast of Berlin Philharmoniker aided Moment of Glory, The Scorps gave us Acousitca--stripped down versions of the bands usual offering of German metal from a concert recorded in Lisbon. The album isn't completely acoustic, but then again, neither was Nirvana's Unplugged.

It's amazing that The Zoo loses nothing when you unplug the guitars, such is the power of those opening riffs. The usual suspects are all included on the album--Stil Loving You, Wind of Change, Send Me an Angel...along with covers of Kansas's Dust in the Wind and The Cars' Drive.

The best song on the album is Holiday. The flemenco guitar and congos put a new spin on the perrenially underrated fan favorite.

If Moment of Glory's Hurricane 2000 is the best version of Rock You Like a Hurricane, then Hurricane 2001 is probably the worst. You cannot be rocked like a hurricane without the opening riff played on electiric guitar.

This album is a novelty Scorps offering and isn't as good as Moment of Glory. Get Holiday of of iTunes or Amazon, leave the rest in the vault.