Devy follows up Ki with the second album in the 4 part series entitled Addicted. While Ki was plenty proggy and showed off more of Devin's ambient side, Addicted is straight up... um... i dont know? metalpop? I don't mean pop metal, like HIM and Stained and such, I mean like metalled up dance music. Think Vengaboys with blast beats and more screaming.

Bend It Like Bender! may be the track of the year. It is the quintessential Devin Townsend song--quirky, happy and angry all at the same time. The title track is pretty awesome too.

I really like the inclusion of the Ziltoid song Hyperdrive! albeit re-recorded and with vocals by Anneke van Giersbergen and with production values greated than those on Ziltoid (although Devy made that album to prove he could do it on an iMac for less than 5 grand). Can't wait for parts three and four!