A Dramatic Turn of Events

        Ding dong, the Witch is Dead... or at least he quit DT to start a nu-metal Velvet Revolver or something. Not that I hate Portnoy, I just wish he would have realized he didn't like drumming for Dream Theater back in 2003ish or so. Anyhoo, the remaining members brought in Mike Mangini much to the instant praise and chagrin of their fanbase.

        Maybe, it's just because I've moved on from my super progressive fanboy days (thanks in part to DT's last three albums) or maybe DT just is past their shelf life. Just as nobody cares what the Rolling stones have released since 1980, I think Dream Theater's effective age ended in 2000. Sure they have some sparks here and there (Ministry of Lost Souls) but for the most part they have become bland.        Dream Theater adjusts to major shakups pretty good, and just as when Kevin Moore left, they decided to bring a megastar (as far as a megastar you can be to music nerds) and release Falling Into Infinity. Sure this album doesn't include anything on the calibre of You Not Me or Take Away My Pain, but it isn't exactly Scenes. Heck, it's not even WDADU.        This album is a hodgepodge of sounds with four songs that crack the ten minute mark. There are some people out there who want to nitpick the drumming on every single track hoping to point out why Mike is awesome, or why other Mike would have been better, but I just can't do that. Studio drumming is no measure of a drummer's talent. Keep on time doing crazy shit live, and then I'll judge you. It seems to me that the long songs on this album are long for the sake of being long, and the short songs aren't very good. It's a sad day that I enjoyed the new album by Dethlehem moreso than an album for a band whose entire discography I own.