Alapalooza was the first time that Al took some old song that no one really cared about and paired it up to the plot of a summer blockbuster in Jurassic Park. It's still better than The Saga Begins could ever be. But that said, this album is your typical Weird Al offering. The big parodies, are Livin in the Fridge and Bedrock Anthem (which along with Green Jell˙'s Anarchy in the UK made it on to the soundtrack for the Hollywood version of The Flintstones. The less we say about that, the better).

       Achy Breaky Song is just terrible. The song itself is comedic gold, parodying it into a song about how bad it is is superfluous. Traffic Jam is a bit of an anomaly, technically a style parody, it's pretty much Lets Go Crazy by Prince. Maybe it was Al's way at getting back at His Purpleness for never giving parody permission.

       The album ends on a Polka version of Bohemian Rhapsody, and while it was released shortly after Wayne's World made that song popular again, it just seems overdone now.

       Nothing Spectacular on this album.