A Momentary Lapse of Reason

       I don't pretend to know enough about Pink Floyd to know why Roger Waters decided to leave the band, but I do know that he isn't really missed on A Momentary Lapse of Reason. Partially this is because Momentary Lapse is definitely more 80s than any other Pink Floyd offerring and production values are at the point where they could make synthesizers do exactly what they wanted them to do, instead of just make really cool noise, like on DSOTM. The other reason why I think Momentary Lapse is so good is that they brought in Tony Levin to play bass. If you ever need a bass player, bring in Tony Levin.

       If I were to rank all of Pink Floyd's albums from best to worst, I would definitely have to put Momentary Lapse in the top 3. The album get's a lot of flack, but I think thats just because people wanted Pink Floyd to stay in their concept album stage. Say what you will about this album, but it did generate two of Floyd's biggest radio hits and you don't have to reference the rest of an album to see what makes them so good. Learning to Fly and On the Turning Away will always be known as two of the best stand alone songs Pink Floyd ever made.

        The rest of the album is pretty kickass too. There aren't any tracks on this album that I dislike enough to skip over. The opening instrumental features some great guitar work and awesome spacey keyboards. One Slip is filled with STICK, and the last half of the album is almost perfect.