Be a Man

        Back In 2003, Macho Man Randy Savage wasn't doing anything in particular except for a few voiceovers here and there. With his days in the ring and promoting Slim Jim's behind him, he decided to do what everyone else does: record a rap album.

        They actually got some decent producers and songwriters and put together a pretty good album. Sure it's just generic cookie cutter rap, but It's by one of the most unique voices ever, plus he raps about slamming people in the ring.

        Two of the more ridiculous songs on the album are the title track, which is about Hulk Hogan and Perfect Friend, a tribute to Mr. Perfect. Mach raps "Be a Man, Hogan, don't be scared, you're running from Macho that's what I heard" as If the two are still in ring rivals. Perfect Friend's rhymes are incredibly awkward, and are almost as cheesey as Hulkster In Heaven.

        Everyone needs to hear this album at least once in their life.