Blue Eyed Back Boy

        Rarely do you get a mix of ska, dub, rap and disco, and even more rarely is it any good. Balkan Beat Box manages to pull it off, though. This is great music to cruise around to in your convertable. Especially in suburban areas where there are few Israelis.

       Move It, Dancing With the Moon, and War Again are the standouts of this album. Each one sounds unique, Move It mixed world music beats with near eastern saxaphone goodness. Dancing With the Moon is straight up dub, and War Again is the most Ska offering on the album.        Though those songs are the most accessible, the instrumentals on this album also deserve merit. Kabulectro is a sort of mix of Indian and Mariachi music. Balkumbia and Smatron are really beyond description.        This album is all over the place, as you would expect from a hodge podge of musicians from different cultured, but it always is high energy and will get you dancing.