This 1987 offering by Danny Elfman's band is way more commercial than the earlier work of the group, and as such is not all that good of an album. Home Again and Where Do All My Friends Go are just ok. Most of the other songs aren't even just ok.

       Not My Slave was the single (I think) and is probably the second best song on the album, but it too seems like standard 80s pop music, without the bizarre qualities associated with earlier work by Oingo Boingo. The best track, even in it's poppy sensibilties is Elevator Man. The entire song is a double entendre and has both the horn and percussive notes seen in previous albums.

       As a footnote, this is the album that gave us We Close Our Eyes, but you really can't appreciate the greatness of that song on this disc. Danny does it far more justice live on Farewell.