Brain Salad Surgery

        Ah Emerson, Lake and Palmer... a.k.a ELP, a.k.a Pretention Personified. To prog rock junkies, they are gods. To classical fans, they are hacks. To me, they are midly amusing. Brain Salad Surgery combines HR Geiger cover art, sans penis, with a whole lot of organ to make an album full of wank, which makes me wonder why they took out the penis.

        Honestly, when it comes to bizarre electronic arrangements of classical music, Id much rather listen to Isato Tomita or Wendy Carlos. ELP just seems too much of a lets make silly noises with my moog type band to be taken seriously. Now, Im normally all about making silly noises with synthesizers, after all, I own The Moog Cookbook cd, but ELP takes themselves too seriously to just be a silly moog band, except with this album

       That said, I hear a lot of the Tron soundtrack in the second track fromt this album, or does it work t'other way 'round? (I'm sure it does). Benny the Bouncer is a fun little ragtimey piano boogie sang in a cockney accent, and who doesn't like piano boogies with lyrics sung in cockney accents?

        From there we get into that great masterpice known as Karn Evil #9. You know it's a good song because a, its in three movements, b. despite that fact, the song is in four parts, and of course 3. because Karn Evil #9 has nothing to do with anything. You may know Karn Evil #9 because of the one track that makes it onto the radio, and is like the only ELP song anyone knows, Karn Evil #9 1st Impression Pt 2, but the whole 30+ minutes of the song is definately worth a listen... after all, they pull Jesus from a Hat. Jesus! from a Hat! It certainly is the greatest show on heaven hell or earth.