Business Casual

        This was my favorite album released in 2010. I don't think there was anyway it could not be. Dave and P followed up Fancy Footwork with a groove packed dance fest sure to save any rec center, win any girl via drag race, downhill skiing, or yacht race.

        I remember listening to this album while in the fitness center of the Luxor hotel and just thinking, If there ever was an album to make into a full scale Vegas adult show, this would be it. The chemistry between Dave's singing and P's voicebox is just amazing on this album, especially on the first three tracks (Hot Mess, I'm Not Contageous, and Night By Night). The Right Type sounds like it could have come from the soundtrack to any romantic comedy made in the 80s, and Dont Turn the Lights On, slows the groove down for some serious lovin. And this is all before ending the album with an homage to Huey Lewis called Grow Up.

        Few people can pull off nostalgia music better than this crazy Canadian duo. They don't rely on gimmicks, they just make awesome music.