Cereal Killer Sountrack

       As the 8s rolled to a close and the 90s began, a strange thing happened in the realm of hard rock. Instead of singing about partying, and generally being in a band to have fun, the Seattle sound crushed everyone's spirits and soon everyone was wearing flannel and cardigans, singing off key about how they got a raw deal in life. Sickened by this new development and the lackluster stage shows that came with it, a few guys sitting in a bar decided that they could put on a better show, despite having no actual talent. They succeed, which led to the formation of the worlds first video only band, Green Jellö. The popularity of their hit song Three Little Pigs prompted a CD follow up to the videos, and a lawsuit from the Kraft Foods corp, and thus Green Jell˙ was born

       Now my 11-12 year old self loved Green Jell˙ for their songs about little pigs, cowgods, and shitmen. My twentysomething yearold self loves Green Jell˙ because now I know who they were poking fun at. Jell˙ did to the metal world what Weird Al does to the pop world, and with as much presicion. Though Al plays with what is popular and not necessarily what is good, Jell˙ took a much narrower scope, and thus produced an album that is all fun, and no filler.

        Obviously, the standouts are those songs that poked fun at the biggest in the game. Electric Harley House (of Love) presents a less talented Metallica... really one like the Metallica that emerged with St Anger... and even admits that it rips off the guitar solo from Enter Sandman in the lyrics. Gwar gets their sendup with Obey the Cowgod, which even claims that in their country, there is no Beefcake the Mighty. Oddly enough, Trippin' on XTC is a better Chili Peppers song than anything thats been released since 1993. The 90 million speed metal bands that emerged in that short period between hair and grunge also get their due, with songs that lampoon their cookie cutter dumbed down lyrics. I mean didn't Varga have a song about breakfast cereal, too? and certainly the lyrics to Rock and Roll Pumpkin rival several bands offerings.

        There are three songs on the album for pure fun, and those are obviously Shitman, House Me Teenage Rave, and of course Anarchy in the UK. Who doesn't crack a smile for a song about a sewer worker who gets turned into a walking turd with a chorus talking about poopoo? and House Me Teenage Rave is at least as cheesy as the sex infused techno of bands like Lords of Acid and E-Rotic. And who pulled off the ultimate Flintstones tribute? well it wasn't Weird Al's parody of Under the Bridge/Give It Away nope it was Green Jell˙, pointing out the absurdity that was the Sex Pistols by singing about wanting to be Fred Flintstone.

        A band with no talent may be able to amuse idiots with a stupid puppet show, but they go way above the call of duty wth an album with comedy on so many layers, not apparent at first.