The Ghorusalem Codex Vol I: Enthroned Upon a Spire

        I first got wind of Dethlehem via finally attending a Gwar show, after saying I was going to attend a Gwar show for the last 20 years or so. As part of an initiative to finish their second album, they released this album as a "name your price" download. I think I donated $5. It's well worth it.

       Ghorusalem Codex Volume I: Enthroned Upon a Spire tells of the warriors of Dethlehem and their quest to destroy Yagolith, all the while shredding some epic metal. This album isnt the greatest metal album of all time by any stretch, but Dethlehem is pretty good at what they do. Any album with cheesey narration gets points in my book, and especially when its about D&D. Also, there is also a lullaby, and a hidden drinking song. No band since an RJD fronted Rainbow has mixed medieval themes with awesome music so well.

       If I had to sum up this album, I would say that it is motherfucking bowstaff.