Ghorusalem Codex Volume 2: Of Magick and Tyranny

        So a funny story. Dethlehem offered an advance copy of their cd to any music bloggers who followed them on facebook. Somehow, I managed to convince them (no doubt through my stellar review of Ace of Base - The Sign, as well as several Spinal Tap quotes) that I am enough of a music blogger that they gave me a digial copy of this disc a full week before the CD release party.

        As epic as the Codex Volume 1 is, this album is truley superior. Not only do they add some Monty Python hilarity in their interludes, but you get to hear from Davidicus, who speaks with reverb, because he is a Wizard! Musically this album is leagues beyond Volume 1. The alternating Bonecrush clean singing/screaming vocals are balanced on this album, and it seems like they actually took the time to write songs instead of just screaming over shredding.

        Where their first album seemed gimmicky, this album corrrects. I give major props to Dethlehem. They went from some band who I noticed because of their costume to a legit semi-prog, mostly-epic metal band. Someone really needs to buy them this.