Come Hell or High Water

       Back in 1997 the most famous Deep Purple line up decided to put their differences aside and record an album, and then go out on tour. Come Hell or High Water was recorded during that tour.

        A classic DP setlist opening with Highway Star and closing with Smoke on the Water, but the stuff in the middle is what really gets you into this album. Anya was considered to be the follow up to Child in Time and both songs are there back to back, giving you 22 minutes of awesome. Some 30 years after they started rocking, Deep Purple are able to deliver on fan favorites like Lazy, too.

        Probably the best part of this album is the medly right before Smoke on the Water. Space Truckin, Woman From Tokyo, and Speed King are smashed together with some great improv work thrown in between.

        It's a shame Ritchie and Ian couldnt play nice and continue on after this album, but oh well, then we would never have Blackmore's Night. Incidentally there is a great youtube video out there from this tour where Ritchie refuses to come on stage during Highway Star until his solo, throws a glass of water on Ian, and then walks off again. Classic.