Yeah, yeah, I like Styx. Call me lame if you will, but this album doesnt really disappoint,. unless you think all post Renegade Styx is disappointing.

       This album consists of good old fashioned corporate rock and roll, and only a song here or there isnt worthy of being called awesome. I mean Styx not only got rid of Dennis DeYoung and the fagginess he broght, but also managed to bring in Glen Burtnik for a second tour of duty. Glen is still the greatest musician New Jersey has produced..

        There is some filler on this album-- chorale version of angry young man, Billy Bob Thornton led Bourgois Pig, and Gowan penned Fields of the Brave, but the other songs are awesome. These Are The Times is easily one of the greatest prog rock/power pop songs written in the last ten years.

        Captain America is alright. Sure, it rocks, but the lyrics are half trite and half ripped off of Janis Joplin. Not so with KissYour Ass Goodbye, an awesome Burtnik offering with Tenacious D doing the backing vocals. And of course you cant forget One With Everything, The most prog thing Styx has written since Suite Madam Blue.