Da Da Da

First off, this album art says refers to Da Da Da as a hit. More like the song that was on a funny Volkswagen commercial. Which is why I bought this album, because Da Da Da is so absurd. The song is only good because of that commercial and the fact that the beats sound like an angry Sweet Cuppin Cake's version of Strong Bad. (Well, Im pretty sure the brothers chap stole it from Da Da Da, but who cares).

        Boom Boom is actually a neat little tune... almost like german new wave's answer to No Sleep Til Brooklyn. Sort of German rapping over the top of a guitar riff. Hearts are Trump is next, forsaking a Beastie Boys feel for a Men Without Hats groove. In fact this song sounds a whole lot like Pop Goes the World, complete with a silly synthesizer patch and female vox on the chorus.

        Bye Bye.... skip... nothing of interest there. Anna - Letmeinletmeout again returns the weird synth beats, but is too repetative to be interesting either... but then we get to Drei Mann Im Doppelbett... Thats "Three Men in a Double Bed" to those of you not down with the lingo. Though listening to this song, I'm sure you could figure it out, because the song is very very gay. I expect to see men frolicing around a wallpaper and drapery store to this song. Highly comical.

        Ich Leib Den Rock 'N' Roll is next, which if Trio really did, they wouldnt have made this album. But this song is again at least funny. A lot like the Tsugiagi Boogie from the Beverly Hills Ninja Soundtrack (yes, I own that). Further proving that Trio loves rock and roll, the next song on the album is a techno reggae (raggamuffin) ish version of Tutti Frutti, though instead of infusing the song with Little Richard's super flamboyant enthusiam, the song is sung in a deadpan monotone. Im just happy this song is only a minute fifty seven.

        Tooralooralooraloo - Is It Old & Is It New is a synthesized cowboy song that is just terrible. terrible terrible terrible. Next Trio gives us Girl Girl Girl and W.W.W as if having one song with one word repeated three times wasnt enough. Thankfully those songs are followed up with the only good jam on the cd. Sunday You Need Love Monday Be Alone. JSBX needs to cover this song. But as good as that song is, Trio decides to ruin the cd by putting on the extended six and a half minute version of Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha (three extra minutes of Sweet Cuppin' Cakes StrongBad! I think I'm going to go play some mini golf