You know, I didn't think you could write a dance song in 6/4 timing, but My Dear Disco proves that you can. White Lies leads of this album with a greatness that can't be matched in the rest of the album. My Dear Disco is part of the 80s dance music revival, and pull it off quite well, however their act is much better live than Memorex.

       That's not to say that Dancethink is bad, it just doesn't do the energy of their live show justice. There are a few major standouts, the aforementioned White Lies is a 7 minute long masterpiece. Amsterdam channels Berlin to get you moving (Metro, Sex Berlin, not Take My Breath Away Berlin). M.Y.F. is a tribute to Michael Jackson and is a decent track.

       I actually like the two part Madame Eon though, but not because it sounds like 80s dance music, because it sounds like Arcadia. I suppose the Eponymous track does too. But this album is a tale of two bands one is straight up energy, the other is an artsy new wave band. Both sounds are good, but don't fit on the album together.