Dark Side of the Moon

        Ah, Dark Side of the Moon. Without you, The Wizard of Oz would just be some movie only watched by little kids and people trying to see if the Munchkin actually snuffs it, and Alan Parsons may not have gone on to produce his greatest work ever, Sirius (otherwise known as the Chicago Bulls warm up song)

        Dark Side of the Moon is one of those albums that I can really only listen to in album form. Cutting it up into songs just doesn't do it justice. In fact its a lot like any Man or Astroman? album I have or Hawkwind's In the Hall of the Mountain Grill, except that I know all the lyrics and can sing along.

        While not as psychadelic as Piper At the Gates of Dawn, DSOTM includes some awesome trippy parts, especially during On the Run and Time, which, of course, always remind me of the boat ride in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Or does the Boat Ride remind me of them (and Whole Lotta Love)? It doesn't really matter.

        Gilmour is flawless on this album, and I always find myself making pained lead guitar faces during all of his solos. The album also contains the greatest closer of any concept album ever, in Brain Damage/Eclipse.

        Really the only down part of the album is Money, and that's probably only because it's the hit and you hear it every five minutes on classic rock radio. But other than that, this album is probably one of the three greatest albums ever produced and like all good psychadelic music, you don't need any drugs to enjoy it. DSOTM is musical mescaline. Just remember kids, 3rd lion's roar.