Dead Air For Radios

        When Kevmo left Dream Theater, he decided to put out this album of crazy ambient music. While not as good as his follow up, You Go Now, Dead Air For Radios is still a solid second. I initially decided to pick up this album after hearing that On the Page was a companion to Space Dye Vest. Probably, the only thing that it shares with it, though, is the lyric "on the page."

        The real standouts on this album are the first three songs. Colorblind, Even the Waves, and Undertow. Just like Kevin's work with Dream Theater, they are all lyrically astounding. With the music being layered perfectly to provide complex subtlety. Also on the album are two avante garde tracks, Camera 4 and Hell Mary. The former is an Art of Noise jaunt through keyboard farts and barely intelligible samples, the latter is a Laurie Anderson style beat poem. Good stuff, all around.