Dead Winter Dead

       In 1995 Jon Oliva decided to come back full force with Savatage (although he never really left the band, the label just said that he did) with the first concept album since Streets. Dead Winter Dead concerns the war caused by the dissolution of Yugoslavia into the various Balkan states they are now.

       Chriss Caffery picks up lead guitar duties for this album and Zach and Jon split time on vocals. It amazes me how good this album is. Straight up 80s bombast, which is probably why it wasn't recieved too well in the grunge dominant 90s.

       I think the reason why this album falls below Wake of Magellan is simply due to Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24). The inclusion of this song on the album would eventually mean the rise of TSO, and Night Castle. Other than that, It is a great album. In fact, if you are a TSO fan, you should probably listen to this and see how good they used to be.