For One Moment in 1994 Green Day was on top of the world. Thanks to a great video for Basket Case, A live concert broadcast on MTV, and of course thier performance at the now forgotten Woodstock '94, they were untouchable. This was all spurred on by the success of their breakthrough album, Dookie.

        Now that it is sixteen years later, Green Day is still on top of the pop-punk world regaling a whole new generation of 12-16 year olds with their music, which, in many ways, still sounds exactly like Dookie.

        Listening to it now, I still find tracks like Welcome to Paradise and She to be great songs... actually, except for the three tracks that were played to death by MTV and the radio (Longview, Basket Case, and When I Come Around) the album is still as good as ever. It is probably the best pop-punk album of all time, but then again maybe thats just because I have that nostalgic love for it. Someday the kiddies will be all teary eyed about My Chemical Romance