Edge of the Century

       Almost a decade after Dennis DeYoung killed Styx with Kilroy was Here and Tommy joined Jack Blades and the Nuge in Damn Yankees, Styx tried a comeback with Glen Burtnik replacing Shaw on guitar. The result was Edge of the Century

        Ironically the first track on the album is a Glen Burtnik offering. This song is awesome. 80s powerpop at its best.If I had bought this album not knowing of what was to transpire, I would think that Styx was back, Tommy was wrong, and maybe DDY wasn't actually that bad. But then the second track comes on... Show Me the Way. We all know Show Me the Way, it was one of those feel good power ballads that was played all the time during Operation Desert Storm. It is so trite, it is almost unbearable. Thankfully you can skip over the track and get back into the Glen Burtnik goodness of Edge of the Century. The Glen Burtnik tracks on the album are what 1980s Styx should have sounded like. Don't get me wrong, Mr Roboto is a good track, but it could have just been a single released between Paradise Theatre and some other good album that never existed.

       I never get tired of listening to Not Dead Yet, not because it's good, but because it's so terrible. Dennis DeYoung tries to sing a song that would have been Tommy's in another incarnation. I really wish there were clips of Dennis singing this song and trying to be a badass. That would be hilarious.

       That said, the only other track worth anything on this album is World Tonite... you guessed it, another Glen Burtnik song. The best thing this album did was let people outside of New Jersey learn how awesome Glen is. That is its only worth.