Into The Electric Castle

        Another album based on my previous purchase of Star One's Live on Earth. Most of the 2nd disc of that set comes from this album. With Into The Electric Caslte, Arjen writes a campy "space" opera almost worthy enough to be compared with Jeff Wayne's great prog-disco epic The War of the Worlds.

        What makes this album better than what was on Live on Earth is obviously the cast of singers. Each character has their own singer, so the storyline is easier to follow than when just Russell Allen, Damian Wilson, and Robert Soeterboek were singing. That said, the Highlander dies way too early in the story, leaving the entire second disc Fishless. But I suppose the awesome full studio production makes up for that, if just a little.

        The story of the album is that eight people from different points in history (Highlander, Indian, Knight, Roman, Egyptian, Barbarian, Hippie, and Futureman) are collected into another dimension where they have to journey to the Electric Castle, where they will find their way home. Each character sings their parts in a super campy stereotyped fashion. The Knight is obsessed with finding the Grail, The Hippie says "like" more than Shaggy on a 3 hour episode of Scooby Do, The Egyptian is convinced she's in the afterworld, and of course Fish does an outstanding job with the Highlander.

        While the lyrics are fun, the music is all business, and all awesome, but maybe I just say that because I have yet to find a concept album/rock opera I didnt love (Kilroy Was Here doesn't count).