Even Worse

        Even Worse was "Weird Al" Yankovic's fifth album and in many ways his comeback after Polka Party flopped. Well, actually every "Weird Al" album is a comeback album. One of Al's best talents is his ability to time his albums such that he gets maximum impact on his straight up parodies, but doesn't overdo it so that he becomes tiring.

       Fat and Lasagna were the two big parodies on this album, and while they are a good listen every once in a while, the video parody of Bad was definately better than the song alone, and nobody cares about Los Lobos anymore. I guess This Song's Just Six Words Long, I Think I'm a Clone Now and Alimony were the other big parodies, but like Lasagna, they were all parodies of cover songs, so the novelty was doubly fleeting. In many ways, this album is Al's Diver Down.

        There are two redeming songs on the album, however. Just as Dare to Be Stupid was able to out-Devo Devo, You Make Me comes close to out Oingo Boingo-ing Oingo Boingo. "When you're around me I don't know whether to study neuro-surgery or go to see the Care Bears Movie" is easily one of Al's greatest lyrics. Also, Twister could have been a Beastie Boys song. Sadly, this album is without a polka medley.