Falling Into Infinity

        Ah, Falling Into Infinity, proof that even Mighty Dream Theater can sell out. I kid, I kid. Spare me your lectures on how Kevmo left the band high and dry after Awake and the label almost killed the band with this album and how Derek was too much of an ego. blah blah blah. Ive heard it all before.

        First off New Milennium. Best Shit Evar! Unfortuneately It was the last good thing Mike ever did lyrically. Yeah, I know, Glass Prison, but he killed that with parts two and four. Also great because of the chapman stick which made it into a photo in the Official DT Calendar for 2003. But enough with the inside jokes only known to the _Dream_Theater_ community on Live Journal (overrated: livejournal communities underrated: sarcastic album reviews on your own website).

        But as great as New Milennium is, the album quickly takes a nosedive with You not Me. Starts out great, makes you think its a good song, then the chorus starts and you hit the skip button on your cd player. Note to Desmond Child, go back to writing for Bon Jovi.

        Thankfully Peruvian Skies is next, and while it is Metallica (album) era Metallica worship, I happen to like Metallica (album) era Metallica, and thus think Peruvian skies is pretty kickass. Mostly due to the transition from normal James to Angry James. James sounds a whole lot better when he uses his Angry Voice.

        Hollow Years is next and despite the fact that the guy from Stormclad (my main inspiration for writing album reviews) said "Hollow Years would be a great song to play if you were having a touching little scene in a made-for-tv movie from 1987. The story of a young girl's coming-of-age wrecked by a bottle of expired Pamprin, starring a young Shannon Doherty and Kirk Cameron. Score by Dream Theater. I still like it. Maybe because I heard it live first, and that meant awesome soloing, or maybe because I'm just a sucker for sappy romantic ballads.

        Burning My Soul was the first song I heard from this album, back when I saw DT on World Tourbulence. It's pretty lackluster, and though Hells Kitchen is next and was supposed to be part of the song, it's not to much of a saving point. Lines in the Sand is only interesting because of the cameo by Kings X vocalist (and fellow left handed bass player) Doug Pinnick, but then we get to the biggest piece of crap DT has ever recorded. Take Away My Pain.

        Take Away My Pain, to me, sounds like it should be played over the credits of some feel good Disney movie about an underdog sports team who makes good, except that Its about JP's dad dying. (sidenote, I dont like Another Day, either) and the lyrics come off as ultra whiney. skip

        Just Let Me Breathe is another 'meh' song. Trial of Tears is equally bland, and I know everyone says Anna Lee is awesome because its so Elton Johnish, but I dont like it either.

       If it werent for the greatness of three of the first four songs on the album, id say this was a throwaway album, but then again like I said, even the mighty Dream Theater can sell out. At least this had the coolest cover art until Systematic Chaos came out