Fantastic Nostalgic

The Early Recordings

       What do you get when some crazy dude from Colorado decides to make disco music, pretty much completely by himself? You get The Chain Gang of 1974. Fantastic Nostalgic is a teaser album of early songs and demos offered up before Mad Paranoid finally gets its relase sometime in the future.

       I think I remember seeing a banner ad for The Chain Gang of 1974 on Myspace once, but never paid any attention to it. I really got exposed to his music at a 3Oh!3 show (yes, yes, I know... But you guys know I went to see Innerpartysystem anyways). It's rare that a guy playing along to a synth track puts on a show as well as Kam (but I digress). Fantastic Nostalgic is chock full of catchy dance tracks, that are basically bass, drum machine and synth. This album is nowhere near polished, but what can you expect from a homemade record?

       It's a great thing when you can combine Talking Heads with Oasis, set it to a disco beat and make it work.