After 17 years of being together in various incarnations, Oingo Boingo decided to call it quits. Before they went their seperate ways, however, they decided to have a last few concerts at the Universal Amphitheatre and put together a double live album/dvd called Farewell. It just so happens that it was the greatest thing the band ever did.

        The set list is amazing-- there's something from every era of Oingo Boingo, as well as a few new songs and a cover of I Am the Walrus. The songs all differ in style but are all identifiably Boingo. Included on this cd set are three of the greatest songs Oingo Boingo ever made known to man... live versions of Change and We Close Our Eyes and the unreleased song Water.

       Some of the best things about this live set are Oingo Boingo's use of a multitude of instruments, from the endless percussion of Insanity, to the Uke in Water, and of course the Extended Balafon solo in Grey Matter. This Double Live Album is probably my number one desert island disc.