Femme Fatale

        Yes, yes, I know, A Britney Spears album? Well, I got it for the right price and actually had Hold It Against Me stuck in my head for the better part of the week that it was released. Besided, I think its better dance music than Gaga. At least Britney isn't pretending that her music serves some vital purpose like giving pep talks to the disenfranchised.

        I actually don't credit the greatness of this album to Ms. Spears as I do her production team of Dr. Luke, Bloodshy and Avant, Max Martin & co. I mean they are the people that wrote this album, well them and Ke$ha. Ha. This album isn't groundbreaking in anyway, but 3 of the first four tracks are a great mix of 90s eurodance and 21st century dubstep. Those three tracks (Til the World Ends, Hold it Against Me, and I Wanna Go) are actually the only songs that I really like on the album. The rest are just ok.

        Actually I take that back, there is one other track that I must single out. That would be Big Fat Bass, penned and produced by wil.i.am. It is just awful. Not so awful it's good, so awful it's funny, just plain awful.