Fire of Unknown Origin

       This album has probably the best cover in all of Blue Íyster Cult-dom, and the music is there to back it up.

       The album starts off fast with the great title track, which is straight up rock and roll with a hint of 80s keyboards thrown in. Next Buck takes over singing duites with BÍCs number two all time song, Burnin' For You. While it didn't have the cowbell that would make Don't Fear the Reaper resurgent with the kids today, it is now being used to sell Lincolns. So it has that going for it.

        This album is full of what makes BÍC great. Crazy lyrical themes and straight up Buck Dharma guitar. Original Dark Fantasy writer Michael Moorcock even lends a hand with Veteran of the Psychic Wars, ensuring that you'll have no idea what they're talking about.

       While most people will only recognize this album for Burnin' For You, the last 4 songs are among the best BÍC have ever done. "Why is Joan Crawford rising from the grave?" someone once asked me upon hearing that song. The answer: because its awesome.