Fly By Night

        Fly By Night is the third Rush album I bought, not because of the tile track, but because I had recently gone to see a Dream Theater concert where they worked By-Tor into the end of Take the Time. The album opens with a with a screaming song in Anthem. Geddy is belting the lyrics and Alex is tearing up the guitar. I have no idea what Geddy is saying, but the song is awesome just the same.

       The next two songs continue in this bluesy jamband sort of groove until By-Tor takes us into space. Such a great proggy tune, and who doesnt like dueling melody lines?

       Title track is up next, which is a pass, since you can hear it on rock radio at least once a day. But Making Memories takes the album back into that feel of the first three songs, to make a nice bookend to the album. Oh wait, theres two tracks left... well I never listen to them, and you probably shouldn't either. Rivendell's name says everything you need to know about that song, and In the End, just seems tacked on.

        Assuming you stick to the first six tracks, this album is amazing. It's Rush meets Blind Melon... yes, I know this album came out twenty years earlier.