Get A Grip

        In Nineteen Ninety Three it was declared that Aerosmith would sell out, and Get A Grip was released. This album's sucess was solely based upon the music videos they released featuring Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler. Scant was a moment in 1993 that you did not turn on MTV and not see the video for Cryin or Crazy.

        The only song thats any good on this album is Eat the Rich, and thats only because it reminds me of spending tens of dollars playing Revolution X. I guess Amazing isnt all that bad either, but it definitely isnt vintage Aerosmith. Shut Up and Dance is probably the closest thing to vintage Aersomith, but it was written by Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades (a.k.a. 2/3 of Damn Yankees)

        Get a Grip is Aerosmith's version of Metallica, or Train of Thought. Most of their fan base simply felt that they lost it, and should hang it up, while at the same time, the band reached out and got a whole new base of fans.