Ghost of a Rose

        Ghost of a Rose is your standard Blackmore's Night album... half of it are midieval based rockers, the other half are midieval based love ballads. That said, most of the songs aren't my cup of tea, but there are a few standouts. Two of those, like always are the cover songs. Diamonds and Rust is a great tune, and Blackmore's Night puts it at a level that isn't as hokey as the Joan Baez version, but nowhere near as bitter as the more famous Judas Priest cover. Rainbow Blues never made it onto a Jethro Tull album (instead appearing on a hits compilation) but is their best song. While you do lose, Ian's flute, you gain some awesome guitar work by Ritchie.

        Speaking of awesome Blackmore guitar, the opening track is just epic. Way To Mandalay was turned into a single (with a video, no less) but was cut to meet stupid radio standards. In its full six and a half minute glory, it is something to behold, especially with those guitar licks towards the end.

        The werid thing about Blackmore's Night is that I consistantly buy their albums, fully knowing that I will only like 3 or 4 songs a clip. Such is the majesty of Ritchie's guitar.