Global Warning

       The third album from former Savatage front man Jon Oliva includes a lot of old ideas from the Streets demos that had been recently rediscovered. That said, this is quite possibly the closest thing that you can get to old Savatage as possible, I think Criss Oliva even get's some writing credits on this album, despite having passed away more than a decade ago.

       This album does come up as a cross between Streets and Dead Winter Dead. I used to not like it so much, but maybe after hearing Night Castle, I have newfound respect for this album. The only song I don't like is Master. The vocal effects are cheesey, and if you want to hear a better metal song about computers, see Shadow Gallery's Society of the Mind. (Though its not much better. Haha.) The rest of the songs on the album are quintessential Savatage, that is, they are songs about redemption.

        If you like Savatage, you will like this album. If you like TSO, well then you're probably a yuppie, or have never heard Savatage. Go listen to Savatage.