God Shuffled His Feet

        Ah the Crash Test Dummies, how the world has forgotten you. When Weird Al parodied one of your songs, it didnt even make it onto an album, just compilations. This was one of those albums I bought back in the early nineties when all I did was buy cds. We didn't have fancy mp3 downloads back then, so you had to buy a whole album to get that one song you heard on the radio. In this case, that one song is track #3 MMM MMM MMM MMM. You know, the one with the video that's better than the song.

        Putting this album on for the first time in over fifteen years really makes me wish I didn't. The Crash Test Dummies formula for songs is pretty much, lets write weird poppy lyrics and have our singer sing them in his really weird voice. That said, there's not much worth anything on this album besides listening to really weird songs, but not so weird that they're good. This isnt Bjork, Pixies or Flaming Lips weird, this is just weird.

        Perhaps the funniest thing about this album is that everyone who reviews it on Amazon gives it 4+ stars. I guess the only thing that Crash Test Dummies fans have to keep them from killing themselves is reviewing the album on Amazon. Ha.