Guitar Slinger

        The BSO were flying under the radar when they released Guitar Slinger back in 1996. They would probably still be going strong as a niche act had 1998 not rolled around and put the swing revival into the mainstream. I first got wind of the BSO when one night on VH1 I watched a now defunct concert show called Duets, which paired Brian Setzer with Bryan Adams. The only song I caught was the cover of The House Is Rockin' which appears on this album.

        I think what made Brian Setzer Orchestra better, although ultimately less popular during that swing revival was their blend of Brian's rockabilly stylings with the big band, rather than just straight swing. Guitar Slinger is their best album, mostly because it contains those rockabilly fueled covers of The House is Rockin' and Rumble in Brighton as well as the Joe Strummer collaboration Ghost Radio.

        Sadly thanks to bands like Royal Crown Revue and The Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Brian Setzer tried to play catch up with later albums and never duplicated the quality found on this album.