Highway Companion

       I bought this album solely based on Saving Grace being probably the best song to come out in a long time. Usually when buying an entire album based on one song, it's hit or miss, but thankfully Highway Companion doesn't disappoint. None of the other songs stand out, but the album itself is solid. The title is perfect for the album, as this is the sort of CD you can put in when you're out driving a long stretch. Saving Grace sets the tone, and the pace is kept up through the whole album, though the later songs are less bluesy and more folk.

       It's an interesting thing having an album start out channelling Bo Didley and end in a Beatle-based pop number in Golden Rose. The songs in between vary between folk, country, and good old fashioned singing. Put this CD in your stereo when you get in the car, and I guarantee you'll be singing along with every song.