Information Society

       I'm pretty sure this was the only album ever released in the CD+G format, which was supposed to take over the world in the early nineties. The only CD+G players in existence were Sega's Sega CD add on to the Genesis Console. As Such, the MS-Paint calibre images on this disc were seen by very few.

       Coupled with being the only CD+G, this is also an example for Freestyle music, which only existed for 6 months in the mid eighties, though songs like that "Fly Like a G6" song give me hope that it will one day make a comeback.

       Third sidenote before I actually talk about this album. It contains a song that I have more covers of than any other. Abba's Lay All Your Love on Me. It's pretty good, but not as good as Helloween's thrash version. ha.

       What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) was the band's only major hit, despite having a Mr. Spock theme. I guess it was released in a time whenever either no one though Star Trek was nerdy, or nobody got the reference. Also Ha.

       While I like this album, It is probably my least favorite of InSoc's offerings. Probably just because Hack and Peace and Love, Inc. are just so damn good.