Innerpartysystem released this debut album a month or so after I saw them at Lolla, and I was surprised to find it in an actual FYE music store, allowing me to cancel my internet order and get it the day after it came out. This album is superbly produced, its hard to believe that these guys are just starting out.

       IPS blends a mix of electronica with new wave cues to create something that sounds sometimes like Depeche Mode, sometimes like Orgy and they even bring in some Timbaland-esque synths into the second track, Last Night In Brooklyn

        Don't Stop is the first single of the album and with good reason. It's a fast moving, distortion packed dynamo that pretty much shows off everything IPS tries to be--an oversaturation of rhythmatic synth coming from all directions with soaring melodies and catchy cynical lyric hook. The video for this song is also fantastic, look it up on Youtube.

        These four guys from outside Philly managed to put out the best album of 2008, and it's their first try. The only thing that would make this album better would have been the inclusion of The Way We Move, which was a song from their EP, and the song they opened with at Lolla.