Invaders Must Die

I used to think that The Fat of the Land was the best electronic album ever made, but then The Prodigy decided to all get back together and put out Invaders Must Die, and now The Fat of the Land seems dated and almost unlistenable. Perhaps this album seems greater because it had a warm up act of Does It Offend You Yeah?'s album You Have No Idea What You Are Getting Into getting everyone's palates wet for some of the British Electro-punk that had fallen out of the mainstream. In fact some of DOIYY? colaborated on this album.

        This album starts off strong with the intro track re-introducing you to a band you hadn't cared about since 1998 leading right into Omen, Thunder, and Colours. High energy tracks, each unique in sound, but all undenieably The Prodigy.

       Take Me To the Hospital is up next, and while its the 3rd single, it has the power to be the first. I this album may end up having like seven singles eventually, putting it up there with Thriller, Hysteria, and Throwing Copper in terms of greatness.

        One last note is that on Run With the Wolves, its totally easy to mash it up with the Rockafeller Skank for hilarious results.