Invisible Touch

       At one point in the 80s, the members of Genesis decided that while their brand of progressive rock full of concept albums and weird stage shows was awesome, they needed to pay the bills. So they wrote Invisible Touch

       Genesis's largest commercial success is based upon the title track, Land of Confusion with its creepily awesome video, and of course ballads like In Too Deep and Throwing It all Away. The tracks on the album that you have never heard of aren't bad, but the 10 minute, two part Domino doesnt really fit on the album that is otherwise 3-4 minute pop songs and is a poor substitute for Home By The Sea. Anything She Does is just too cheezy synthesizer for me (or not enough, I can never remember which) as is The Brazillian.

       It seems to me that Genesis included those three songs just so that they could pretend they didn't write a commercially friendly album.