For some reason, Shadow Gallery likes to create sequels on alternating albums. Just as Room V is Tyranny continued, Legacy has some elements of Carved in Stone--most notably Cliffhanger pt2 and the horrendous hidden track.

        Though this album only clocks in at 6 tracks, it is bereft of the filler that was found in Carved in Stone. The high points on this album are Colors and Legacy. Colors comes off in the same vein as Alaska, big harmonies, great acoustic guitar work and superb piano. Legacy is Deeper than Life revisted, a sort of Jesus groove is clearly evident, but you don't seem to care.

       The cheesiest track on the album is Society of the Mind--a trite jaunt through the evils of the internet and video games. Funny lyrical content, that is. Even though First Light clocks in at 34 minutes, most of that is dead air, and after that is a continuation of a theme from Carved in Stone. A whole lot of knocking. The band contends it's an inside joke, but who knows.

        When Shadow Gallery is on, they are on, when they are off they are almost unlistenable and cliched. It's sad because the band is super talented, but they just don't have what it takes to be consistant.