I picked this album up at Lollapalooza after seeing Butch's live act. This guy produced Lindsay Lohan's album and made it sound like actual music, so just think what he can do when he start's with actual music. The album starts out super sappy with Maybe It's Just Me and Mixtape, and when I heard it the first time, I was second guessing my purchase, but after listening to it a few times, the songwriting talent becomes evident.

       #1 Summer Jam is just that, a fun little straight up pop rock song with lots of opportunity to sing along. So at Last is a laid back ballad that contrasts sharply with the next track, Uncomfortably Numb. Uncomfortably Numb was the first song that Butch played at Lolla that showed off his true frontman abilities. Mixing a driving beat with outstanding lyrics it becomes a mystery to me why I had never heard of this guy before the festival.

       Raw emotion is the only phrase that you can describe the next two tracks, Joan and Don't Move. Then Butch delivers a post breakup song that shoots right up there to rival Seperate Ways and Space-dye Vest. Lights Out captures the experiences of getting back on your feet after a relationship perfectly.

        Following Lights Out is Butch's anthem to unrequited love, The Best Thing You Never Had, and then his life story in 3 minutes, Race Cars and Goth Rock. He closes out the album with a love note--Promise--an effusive ballad about a lost loved one in Thank You Note and a hidden track called Stateline.

        Butch has the rare ability to mix great lyrics and songwriting with astonishing production to create quite possibly a perfect album. He is able to both pour emotion into his songs make them sound amazing. Furthermore even when stripped of his production values, he is able to bring a completely different energy to his live shows. It's just a pity that his hit songs have been sung by other people...