When Metallica decided to come back after a five year hiatus the response was overwhelming. Their legions and legions of fans came together with one voice and proclaimed: "Who are these guys in Cuban pimp suits, and what happened to those four long haired thrashers that ruled the 80s?" Actually not everyone said that--just about half the fans. Load was different. That said, if Load was released by any other band, it would probably be better recieved, but alas the backlash was so great by the time their follow up Re-Load was released, as well as the big napster debacle, that I probably havent listened to this album for ten years. If you read my review for Metallica, you'll see that I said that I really didnt think Metallica was all that interesting after that album. That, however, was before I listened to Load for the first time in forever. This album isn't bad.

        Following the trend of their self titled album, Metallica ditched their thrash roots for a more blues inspired mainstream rock album with Load. I bought this album way back in 1996 because Until it Sleeps got major airtime on MTV. Even as late as '96 they were still playing videos... crazy, I know. I think the second single from the album is the real highlight though. King Nothing follows the same formula as Enter Sandman, which is probably why I like it. Bleeding Me resembles Dream Theater's Peruvian Skies (which ironically sounds like Metallica album Metallica) which is a definite like for me.

        Load is a pretty solid rock album. It's nothing spectacular, but it's not as bad as Metallica fans say it is.