Love Child

        Well, after a run in with a band called My Disco, My Dear Disco decided it was best to change their name rather than continue on with what could be legal trouble in the future, and so Ella Riot was born.

     Love Child is an EP follow up to DanceThink. While it continues the band's theme of dance music set to complex rhythms, there is a lot less art-rock style stuff than on the aforementioned LP. That said, this EP is a lot of fun. Between the catchy hooks of Karma and Replaceable, and the electric bagpipes of Clubbin, it's hard to find any reason to dislike this album. Also, I think that this EP better captures the energy of their live show than their previous offering--After all seeing them play Clubbin at Lollapalooza in 2010 is what got me hooked on the band in the first place.