In 1997, Duran Duran was sort of in limbo. The buzz garnered from Ordinary World had faded, and they had yet to regain some form of notoriety for the full reunion of all five original members. So, they decided to relase a truly avant garde album entitled Medazzaland.

        The album starts off with Nick Rhodes supplying the vocals to the rather creepy title track, eases through Big Bang Generation before hitting hard with the album's standout track (and first single) Electric Barbarella, and the completely over the top Out of My Mind (which appeared in the forgettable Val Kilmer movie adaptation of The Saint).

        Medazzaland marked the band's regression back into dance music from the very Beatle based pop vibe of Duran Duran (The Wedding Album), and is their best, and least known, album. It was this vibe that they carried on through Astronaut, before letting Timbaland update their sound into generic mid 2000s club music.