Ah, Meddle. With all the airplay that DSOTM and The Wall, and Wish You Were Here get,. its a tragedy that this album gets lost in the shuffle...and I'll admit that I bought this CD for One of These Days and it took me years to actually listen to the rest of it. Partly because I said, well, I guess I should hear Echoes at some point, and partly because of my renewed interest in 60s psychadelic rock.

        Does it seem weird that the Pink Floyd I like best are the albums that arent the mainstream concept albums? Meddle is a hodgepodge of different styles--from the metallic One of These Days, to the pure psychadelia of A Pillow of Winds, to the laid back groove of Fearless... the jazzy cakewalk of San Tropez, the hound accompanied blues of Seamus and of course the full on prog epic Echoes... and none of it disappoints.

        One of These Days is such a great jam, and it's one of the first songs I learned to play on the bass... and the reason I bought a delay pedal. The way it builds from phaser noise and bass to full on whacked out craziness and then back to phaser noise is incredible... It's like Octavarium if you excise the 20 minutes of filler.

        A Pillow of Winds again shows that it cant be a real psychadelic album unless someone says eiderdown. Though this song seems more like an ecstasy trip than the acid and mescaline of Piper at The Gates of Dawn. This song is the complete opposite of the opening track instead of an angry storm that builds and wanes, this ditty just sort of floats by. Fearless has the guitar riff of the album and sort of sounds like Hawkwind. I really have know idea what theyre singing, but the music is damn catchy.

        San Tropez and Seamus are definitely unique. The former makes Floyd sound like a 4-piece jazz combo, while the latter sounds like it comes straight from the delta... though the dog does get a little annoying if you listen too Seamus too much... I guess thats why he was in the kitchen and Seamus-thats the dog- was outside.

        Echoes is a masterpiece, and I'll take it over Shine on You Crazy Diamond anyday. Fuck Shine On You Crazy Diamond! Echoes combines a solid 11 minute song, with a Barbarella soundtrack sounding interlude (of which Gilmore played on) of guitar noise before coming back with the echo of a point in time. It's albums like Meddle that make me never want to buy The Wall.